A Forecast for Health – A Guide to Women’s Health for Midlife Women

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Learn to create your own Personalized Health Plan for Optimal Health

Women’s Health and Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Just as individual as our tastes are, so too our bodies have different needs, aversions, and metabolic styles.


If you feel confused about the changes in your body due to peri-menopause or menopause, you are not alone. Through simple science and storytelling, A Forecast For Health lays out practical information and realistic ideas on choices you can make now to restore balance and achieve health.  Menopausal symptoms and their intensity, as well as the effectiveness of treatments, can fluctuate from person to person. Not getting the same results as another person with the same symptoms is common – this is where getting to know your body is crucial to getting on YOUR path to health.

The book, A Forecast for Health, identifies important new laboratory testing and diagnostic tools that your Practitioner can use to identify the causes of mood swings, fogginess, and fatigue (amongst other concerns) and helps you to confidently converse with your Practitioner about what nutrition, supplements, and exercise modifications are right for you.

Kate Wells – Author of “A Forecast For Health – Understanding Your Potential For Lifelong Wellness”
Kate Wells – Author of “A Forecast For Health – Understanding Your Potential For Lifelong Wellness”

 Inspired by Integrative Medicine practitioners driven to find solutions for their patients, Kate has produced a pathway to wellness to help you navigate the world of Functional Medicine and assist in partnering with a practitioner.

Join the discussion – topics will cover stress, sleep, hormones, nutrition, pain, toxicity, exercise, inflammation, and information on new research studies, how-to check lists, provide support and encouragement, make you laugh, make you cry, link you to other resources and build community. Welcome!

A Forecast For Health – Understanding Your Potential for Lifelong Wellness will help facilitate your individual path to living your best life and feeling great!

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